Welcome to our Moodle 3.4.1 Development Site

The playsite has been upgraded and here are a few of the highlights for teachers:

TOURS – you will see pop up boxes the first time you access the major changes.  Tours can be reactivated by clicking a link at the bottom of that page.


  • Month view includes short name of course
  • Quick Add
  • Drag and drop events


  • Bulk download of students submission in separate folders.
  • Submission filters respect separate group mode.
  • Rubric:  Remember to have a zero value.  If not enable a new feature…..
  • Assignment deadline overrides for individuals or groups

Enrolment and Participants have been combined on one screen and filters have been added.

Password fields that are not auto-filled by password managers  (Chrome!!)

Book:  Many improvements.


  • toggle to/from "user view" in grade and user report
  • Grade link moved to the navigation block. 

Course Page:

  • Drag and drop of video and audio files – insert them as a label.
  • "Orphaned" blocks do not exist anymore. 
  • Additional sections must be added from the course page and not from Course Administration>Edit settings


  • Improvements in the "ddmarker" questions drop zones.
  • Report now works on very large courses.


  • Teachers can make a choice for students.
  • Deadline appears in the course calendar

Forum:  Auto locking of a forum after a period or inactivity.

Lesson:  Can duplicate pages

Course Editing:  New field for reporting and analytic purposes only =   End Date.  This will NOT hide or archive your course. 

Groups:  Non editing teachers need to be put into a group in order to see the group activity

Target dates for updating our teaching and learning sites will be July and August.