A collection of samples from our Selkirk team of creators and innovators.  

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Using the Discussion tool to create community and maintain your online presence.  Also strategies creating group disucssions.

Assessments can take various forms within Moodle.  There are multiple tools to help achieve the learning outcomes:

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Workshop
  • Lessons, etc.

How effectively you plan and design the assessment, communicate the process to learners, and manage the tool determines it's success.

Various uses of the quiz tool.

Various ideas and suggestions to explore how to share your subject matter with learners.

You are already comfortable using some of the basic Moodle tools and want to take the use of Moodle to the next level.

The Workshop module has the capacity to distribute student submissions to other students for their critique (peer assessment).

A collection of hints, tips, ideas, inspirations and words of advice and support from Selkirk's accomplished online instructors.